How to Start Digital Bible Journaling with IPad App GoodNotes

how to start digital bible journaling with GoodNotes

Are you looking for a new way to engage with scripture and deepen your spiritual practice? Digital Bible journaling might be just what you need! With Goodnotes, a popular note-taking app, you can easily create beautiful, personalized digital journals incorporating your faith journey.

Here’s how to get started with Digital Bible Journaling:

  1. Choose your Bible verses

The first step is to choose the verses you want to journal about. You can choose a verse that speaks to you, one that you’re currently studying, or one that you want to memorize. You can also look for inspiration from online resources, such as Bible study websites or social media accounts dedicated to Bible journaling.

  1. Open Goodnotes and create a new notebook

Once you have your verses, it’s time to open Goodnotes and create a new notebook. You can choose from a variety of templates, including lined paper, grid paper, and dotted paper. You can also customize the color and style of your notebook cover. If GoodNotes is new to you, check out my step-by-step blog on how you can utilize GoodNotes in your Digital Bible Journaling journey.

  1. Add your Bible verses to the notebook

Next, add your chosen Bible verses to the notebook. You can copy and paste the text directly from a digital Bible or type it out manually. You can also add illustrations or graphics that represent the verses, such as flowers, arrows, or Bible-themed stickers.

  1. Start journaling

Now it’s time to start journaling! You can use the Goodnotes app to add your thoughts, reflections, and prayers to the notebook. You can also highlight keywords or phrases in the verses, create bullet points, or add images that illustrate your insights.

  1. Save and share your digital journal

Once you’re done, make sure to save your digital journal in Goodnotes. You can also export it as a PDF or JPEG file and share it with others via email or social media.

Digital Bible journaling with Goodnotes is a fun and creative way to deepen your connection with scripture and explore your faith journey. With these simple steps, you can start your own digital Bible journal today.

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