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A Little About Me and Spiritual Diaries (By Debanjalee Sen)

I am just an apprentice at spirituality, but for sure this path has given that which I could not find in my materialistic existence. Other than being curious, I have written a couple of novels, which were not received that well. Aah…Well, romantic novels and I am not too proud of them either. But it’s just that you need to start from somewhere. I take it that way. I am yet to pen down my best work and I definitely know that won’t be a love story. I am confident I will do it because that’s what I love to. I am currently working as a freelance copy writer.

“Spiritual Diaries” will be a not just be blogging dais for sharing my posts and write-ups on spirituality, but will be a delight for spiritual poetry lovers. I have been into free verse poetry writings since a couple of years and will be posting more poetry from now onward, with occasional blog write-ups probably. Your feedback, comments are always welcome.

When am not writing, I love to read and yes I do listen to a lot of music, it can be Rabindra Sangeet to tracks of the great pianist Yanni, Coldplay, MLTR, Backstreet Boys, and some more alike.

I must admit, I am not so sure what materialistic success is or maybe plainly what success is, but I definitely know a little of what happiness is. Life is too short and fickle, so let’s make it count.

Let’s connect… See you then!

P.S. If you wish to use any material from this website, in part or in full, please don’t forget to give due credit to the author and the website.

Thanking you in advance.

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