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About Spiritual Diaries (By Debanjalee Sen)

Welcome to the family. Here at Spiritual Diaries, we propose to network with those beautiful souls who are treading the beautiful spiritual journey. We would love to associate with “Spirits” all over the world. We encourage them to share their beautiful journeys, their spiritual odyssey, and their experiences in brief of their visits to places of worship and spiritual centres in the Spiritual Diaries community forum.

It is a platform for interacting with like-minded seekers who are new to this spiritual path, and also with them who have come a long way in their journey to understand the ultimate truth. Their knowledge would help us grow. It’s a platform to help each other and motivate each other in experiencing the true meaning of life through spirituality. For life is not just your 9-6 working hours at your desk, nor is just your 4 days trip to a beautiful island nearby or the smartphone you just bought.

Of course, these are important and we cannot imagine our day to day lives without technology, even this blog post is coming to life because of technology. But we are just not this corporeal form which we assume to be for the most part of lives. We are something beyond that. Other than productive efficiency, life has another side to it; let’s help each other to explore that dimension and build a meaningful existence. If you were waiting for such a forum, you should be here, it’s meant for you.

A little about me: (I hope that motivates you :))

Well, life has been a no less than a melodramatic series for me, full of dramas, the arrival of new characters, farewell to older ones and so on and on. It has been a roller coaster ride and I must say after all these years I have definitely learned something or the other from every single event. These have shaped me in a better way. Swami Vivekananda said, “There has never been a blow undeserved”. I must admit, I am a living example of that.

Ok, coming to my education, I did my post-graduation in Biotechnology from Assam University, Silchar. I am not sure, why I did that though. Over the years after long enough introspection and blows I discovered I was not meant for all that stuff. It’s not that I did not enjoy studying it, but there was much more to life which I want to know.

And I found that love in writing. I found that enjoyment in my curiosity for existence, my queries regarding ending suffering, in my curiosity about life, death and that “something” that is known to pervade all that. All that led me to this beautiful path of spirituality.

I am just an apprentice at spirituality, but for sure this path has given that which I could not find in my materialistic existence. Other than being curious, I have written a couple of novels, which were not received that well. Aah…Well, romantic novels and I am not too proud of them either. But it’s just that you need to start from somewhere. I take it that way. I am yet to pen down my best work and I definitely know that won’t be a love story. I am confident I will do it because that’s what I love to. I am currently working as a freelance writer and editor.

When am not writing, I love to read and yes I do listen to a lot of music, it can be Rabindra Sangeet to tracks of the great pianist Yanni.

I must admit, I am not so sure what materialistic success is or maybe plainly what success is, but I definitely know a little of what happiness is. Life is too short and fickle, so let’s make it count.

Let’s connect… See you then!











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