Poems On The Holy Mother; Sri Sarada Devi

Below are two poems on Holy Mother; Sri Sarada Devi. With Her infinite grace, I could compose those few lines. May Mother bless us all ever. May She ever be with us.

That Love

 Overwhelmed at the sight of her,
  I could not ask for anything!
 Just the little stroke of her tender touch
  Vanished my fears and pains,
  My miseries and sins.
 They murmur to me, "Ask for liberation."
 I say nay,"I ask for love!"
 They repeat, "Ask for renunciation."
 I say nay, "Who would renounce her!"
 They whisper again, "Ask for desirelessness."
 I object, "I want her!"
 They say "You will walk free thus."
 I say nay, “I cannot part ways." 
 Indeed, who would detest such love! 
In All Freedom
 In all freedom, I feel bondage,
 In all bondage, I feel a freedom!
 What is that bondage, Mother— 
 Ah, the bondage of your love, 
 What is that freedom— 
 Ah, the trace of deliverance.
 Those unsaid, unspoken kind words of yours; 
 That your eyes decipher, lit the dark world of mine, 
 And make me ever free even in all bondage of your love!

Thank you for reading 🙂


©Debanjalee Sen, 2021

P.S. If you wish to use any material from this website, in part or in full, please don’t forget to give due credit to the author and the website. Thanking you in advance.

#With Her Grace, these two poems were chosen for publication in the journal “Samvit” by Sri Sarada Math, India.

Wish you all a Happy Spiritual 2021.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Jai Maa.

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