The Lost Cloud

Below is a short verse from my diary "Songs of the Mind".

 And I say to the mind,
 Look there is he,
 Is he a man or a woman?
 Seems cannot find his robustness!
 And neither has her chosen curve.
 And yet looks so joyous, so filled. 
 What shall I call him?
 Sounds neither deep like a man,
 Nor sweet like a woman,
 He seems to be swept away by something, 
 I have never had known,
 He seems like that cloud, that just lost itself,
 When it rained everything it had, unto the earth's feet.
 And all that left me pondering - 
 Shall I ever reach there?
 Can I live without my name and form?
 What shall they call me, when am no more a poet?
 Ah! The lost cloud?
©Debanjalee Sen, 2020

Thank you for reading:)


P.S. If you wish to use any material from this website, in part or in full, please don’t forget to give due credit to the author and the website.

Thanking you in advance.

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