The Darker Rays

The darkness might seem scary. Today it might seem to last forever, but you can never know what would tomorrow bring. Never give up, never ever.

The little poem below depicts such emotions.

The Darker Rays

Dark shadows,
And a Darker earth,

No such rays,
To lighten up

The evils might dance,
But for a while,
For the light might be away for now
– a few mile.

I would come back
when the shadows would leave,
But I would not sit and just grieve.

A thousand suns are behind me,
Shinning forth within my heart,
What would the shadows do to me?
How scary they might be!

I would not shrug in despair,
Nor would I cry in fear,
As I know,
The truth would be ever there!

Today is your day,
Tomorrow would be mine,
Let us all walk forth
and ever shine.

In the passing, I forgot,
I did never rise,
Nor did I ever set,
It’s the moon that would borrow my light,
To quench it’s darkness,
And we would believe,
It illumines our nights! 

©Debanjalee Sen, 2019

Thank you for reading 🙂


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