Death Would Never Lie

How would you react to an unexpected guest at odd hours? Death is one of them and an inevitable one. FRANKLY, it’s mostly uninvited for most of us and we are scared to face it, most of us are never prepared. We live as if we would never die, we never ever contemplate on death. WE BURDEN ourselves with all the unwanted hatred, fear, ego, jealousy and what more, long list and some of us never stop…

Contemplating once in a while and knowing and understanding death as one of the striking phases can cause some mental fatigue in the beginning but once some clarity dawns, you will feel a strange freedom that you would have never thought of in the first place… The crisis we are in today because of the Corona Virus made me contemplate on death even more and some emotions I tried expressing in the form of a little poem…

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I have never seen death so close,

Knocking on my doors.

Hiding beneath the quilt,

Patiently waiting for me to sneak unto that, however,

And to lull me to sleep forever.

I have never seen death so close,

Knocking at my courtyard and my brothers’.

Brought it’s chariot for the final rides,

Full coffins,

Fuller graves,

Crematoriums haunted with pain.

And I thought I would never die,

And so my brothers.

I never realized death would never lie.

I have never liked much music,

Now I do,

But I have not much time to play onto,

I have never liked my neighbors,

And now I have none.

When death stares, it scares.

And all these years, I thought I would never die,

I never realized death would never lie.

To conclude, you can take this lockdown period as a massive opportunity to contemplate on these unwelcome negative stuff, let go of them and try to imbibe more freshness into your lives.

“Whoever is born, to him or her death is certain; to the dead, birth also is certain; it is not, therefore, fit for you to mourn for this unavoidable fact.” – 2.27


©Debanjalee Sen, 2020

Thank you for reading 🙂


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