The Beautiful Curse

She apologized and prayed for forgiveness, yet the sage Gautama; her husband angrily cursed her. Her pleas bothered the least to him and due to his curse she turned into a stone. She would only be sanctified by the touch of Shri Ram and be freed of the curse.

And a deep realization dawned upon Ahilya that day – 
“O, how beautiful that curse would be, that made Prabhu surrender to me,
Blessed would I be, if in every birth I get cursed thus;
For I know this is His lila.. which the rarest of the rare witnesses..”

At the mere touch of his feet, the doors to mukti opened up,
Before she embarked, she had some plea in her heart; which she offered at His feet;

I ask a boon of you Prabhu, be gracious to grant that;
“Let me be cursed thus in every life by the Gautamas, O Lord, so that you would come to save me and I would have your darshana“.

The Raghunandan smiled!

©Debanjalee Sen, 2019

Feature Image Copyright:

Thank you for reading 🙂


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