Ascend the Throne

Longing of hundreds of years will end in bliss, once I have your darshan; O Lord. Even remembrance of Yours, brings tears of joy and lights up my heart. How beautiful would be the sight when you would set your feet on the Janmabhoomi and instill Dharma in our hearts. A sight, even the Gods would cherish and the Tadakas would fear..

Shuddha Brahma Paratpara Ram

Like a beacon of Shakti, I blaze forth with all might, because my Prabhu is infinite!

With all power, I walk through the kingdoms unapologetic, yet with a tender heart, I bow down to every passerby who beholds my Prabhu at heart!

The time has arrived, the time has arrived, I fly to the other world to bring Prabhu home,
I shall make my Lord and my mother sit on the chariot of love and with all care bring them back to their land.
I shall cut all the reins on the path, as I would not let anyone come in.
No regrets, nothing more shall I ask for,
I apologize my Lord, I made you wait such long, such long empty years, such ages,
I ask forgiveness my Lord, as I took so long to fulfill my promise;
I wept bitterly, and I prayed mightily,
My chest teared apart in pain, yet I could do nothing,
Now no more, O Lord, no more, all the regrets have ceased by, all the pain has healed,

The time has arrived, the time has arrived.
And I fly to the other world to bring my Prabhu home with my deepest prayer;

“Ascend the throne Prabhu, ascend the throne, it is all yours and will ever be,
Grace the seat, be gracious good Lord, be gracious,
Light our home and heart Prabhu, and slay the darkness forever.”

©Debanjalee Sen, 2019

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