Death is Her Play

I strive hard to break free from the prison of my mind; built since lives, and I fail again,
Mad with greed and lust, I dance in my destruction and await another death.
O big mother, help me, hear my plea,
Come, join me, even if it is my final dance, even if am losing the battle, let my last dance be with you..

It was the night of new moon, yet a million moons filled the sky,
I was weary and worn out, fighting the Rakshashas, and too engrossed to see that light,

Just when it seemed darkness would reign, and my defeat was inevitable, my mighty mother woke up from her slumber, with the Kharge in one hand and some slit heads in the other,
Decked with the mundamala and bloodshot eyes, she looked fiery, for she cherishes death,
Death was her play and terror was her name,
Yet how lovingly, She caressed my heart and drank all that poison within, merrily dancing in joy,
Her terrifying dance shook the dark hearts of the three worlds and time disappeared leaving a thousand shadows, as happily she smeared her long tresses and forehead with the blood of the asuras,
Her ecstatic third eye flashed the knowledge of love and freedom and showered wisdom,
Finally, the battle was over, I had won it forever and liberation ensued.
Yes, my brother; She is my big mother, my big mother.. She is my Kali..

©Debanjalee Sen, 2019


Wish all of you a Happy Kali Puja, a Happy Diwali. May the Mother bless us all.

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Thank you for reading 🙂


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