It is all veiled, all veiled

“She was tired, she had not slept for ages and did not know where to go… She had been waiting for a shade since lives and been walking on in the hope to find one.”

It was a dense late noon of July, the sky seemed clouded with hopelessness, the dark clouds bore fear and misery,
I was walking to the temple for some rest – my eyes had not slept for ages and were weary and tired, my body had not rested for lives and begged for some shelter,
And so, with tired limbs, I was slowly walking to the temple in the hope of some shade.
As the evening of my life drew nearer, I felt defeated and deep within somehow resigned to the Providence.
I felt my life as a wasted voyage, which could never find a real harbour.
And lo, I hear a cry from nowhere- ” Listen to me, do not give up, it is all veiled, all veiled, you are there, almost there, it is nearer to you than the nearest.”

And I screamed back in torment – then why do you make suffer thus!
Why do you keep on entangling me with your endless charms?
You know it well – With my finite weapon, I cannot pierce through your infinite meshes, yet you mock me with endless despairs,
Why don’t you strike out my ignorance and let it bear its final fruit,
Why don’t you free me of delusion and like the bud let it blossom unto eternal glorious petals!

©Debanjalee Sen

Thank you for reading 🙂
Happy Vijaya Dashami to all celebrating 🙂
Namaste 🙂

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