The Demons Within

The sky, the shrubs, the herbs, the soil, the rivers, feel a new-found freedom in the breeze of the autumn. As if an aura of Shakti, of liberation is everywhere and all await eagerly for the advent of the Divine Mother.

“Repeat, O mind, my Mother Durga’s hallowed name!

O Gauri! O Narayani! to Thee I bow.”

Sri Ramakrishna (The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna)

O my wretched desires you know not who am I,
But with the Great Mother’s grace am beginning to see my true image.
O my endless evils, you think you trapped me,
But with the Great Mother’s grace am beginning to understand my real nature.

With Her blessings, I can now see the greedy dark faces of the Madhus and Kaitabhas within me, soaked in lust and ego, and the Mahishashuras who are every now and then, ensnaring me with quenchless thirsts.

O fools, if you think you have enslaved me, let me tell you, you cannot anymore,
For I would slay you from the roots; no more painting and polishing the stains,
With the Discuss of devotion, I would destroy you to pieces, just like my Mother did to you; mighty demons, carrying your cut heads along and dancing through the three worlds,
With the Sword of knowledge, I would sever the hand that drags me to the world, just like my Mother did, piercing your black heart with the deadly Trident.

O pure evils, if you think you won the battle and entrapped me, take your words back and retreat from my kingdom,
For I would not allow anyone anymore to be nearby my pure heart, which is the seat of my Mother; you wild asuras,
And will ever be.

©Debanjalee Sen, 2019

Happy Durga Puja to all celebrating 🙂

May the Mother bless us all (Copyright: Vedanta Society of Sacramento)

Feature Image Copyright:

Thank you for reading 🙂


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  1. अति सुंदर मन की भावना को मातृत्व प्रेम को शब्दों में बांधने का अनूठा अप्रियतम लेखन 🙏🏼

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