My Prayers are Stronger than my Fears

Read somewhere, “All of us pray, it’s just that some of us don’t admit it”. Interesting!!! 

“Devotee: “Does God listen to our prayers?”
MASTER: “Surely. I can assure you of that a hundred times. But the prayer must be genuine and earnest.” #prayers

An intense prayer, a sincere prayer is always answered… Just that we don’t know the timing of it. With a keen heart, she prayed, and the Lord was gracious enough to grant her prayer!

Hurt in the world, my blood had betrayal all over it
And I was looking for ways to avenge that,

What would you have done; had you been in my place?
Would not that have caused you pain?

Would not that have made you revengeful?
Yes, answer me….
Umm, even if for a second your answer was “Yes”; you would understand my agony..
Little did I know, I was only going to hurt myself and we are beads of the same thread that holds this unreal world together,

And “wait” came the answer, – “we know you are too tired”, but wait as if the air whispered, “Go and Tell Mother about it, Go I said!!!”

But I said, “I didn’t know how should I pray to Her, how should I kneel before her and empty the bruises of my heart, and let go off my pains”

“You don’t have to do anything about it, just go and sit before Her, and be a witness to the music of freedom” – the wind said to me..
And I sat there with eyes closed, as I had no strength to see into her eyes, a strong storm blew all over my body and I felt as if the veil of revenge had been lifted, I felt free, yes all free!!!

Little did I realize before, that, “My prayers are stronger than my fears”
Little did I realize a grave realization was awaiting me, and freedom would cost me this….

©Debanjalee Sen

What Prayer Can Do for Us

Thank you for reading 🙂

Namaste 🙂

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