That Unceasing Pain

A little effort depicting some wild imaginations..

Even when I am dead and gone, the very fire that will take my body to ashes will be blazing with my love for you.
The pyre on which I will be seated will be in tears seeing my love for you.
There is a possibility; that day, who might weep on seeing me go, might forget me sooner,
But I have no regrets, knowing that you remember me ever – in death or life.

On the pyre, I will lay down and think – In this life, I might not have seen you, but you know I tried, with all my heart, I tried.
And in knowing this, I have no regrets, as even if I forget this memory in my next life, you would remember this forever.

And when I take up a new mould, allow me to be haunted by an unceasing pain, even if I may not remember what is that pain for, even if I may not remember all I did this life to receive your grace.

Let me be chased by an unceasing loneliness in the roads of this afterlife – but loneliness for what?
I may not know that then, but let that kill me every minute until I walk unto your kingdom!

©Debanjalee Sen, 2019

Thank you for reading 🙂


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