3 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Your Anger

Anger is a pretty common emotion. It is one of such emotions, that hardly a few would not know about it. Most of us have experienced it sometime or the other. The unfortunate part of it is many of us continue to embrace anger as a part of our life.

It can be defined as a moment of temporary madness. If not taken care on time, it gets into a habit.

Many use anger as a weapon to express their so-called righteous acts over and over again. Eventually, they fall a permanent prey to this mad energy, without even realizing it. We justify our angry emotions not only to ourselves but to others too.

What Are The Side-Effects Of Anger?

  • It often harms the person more within than it does to, at whom you are angry with. Anger often has a destructive potential. It can harm your professional and personal relationships too. At times, it can be a threat at the societal level.
  • It often leads to a contagious chain of reactions from others too. Also, your harsh or angry words can instigate the anger of others.
  • An angry person loses all control of himself and his emotions. Therefore that leads him to lose his ability to discriminate. Consequently, it is responsible for his delusion from the reality. Most of all, he becomes hostile by nature and anger becomes his second identity.

3 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Anger

Three powerful ways to deal with anger and get rid of anger

  • Acknowledge

By this I mean, you should be rational enough to admit that anger is your weakness. In addition, you should be open enough to accept the fact that anger does more harm to you.

What you can do:

-Identify anger as your prime enemy.

-Acknowledge the ill-effects of it. Consequently, start looking for ways to overcome it. A good amount of self-effort is a must to throw away anger out of your life.

  • Root Cause

Now, while you acknowledge your weakness, it is time to identify the root cause of your anger. Seems like, in many cases; a hidden emotion or an unfulfilled desire has been the root cause of anger.

What you can do:

-In case of materialistic desires, all we can do is give our best shot and focus on the work and not on the results.

-In terms of sour relationships, you must and should forgive the person even if he does not deserve so. As a result, you attain peace of mind and let go of the garbage and the feeling of resentments within you.

  • Dealing With Anger Of Others On You

To deal with it, you need a little re-structuring of your personality.

What you can do:

-When somebody is angry at you, take a few deep breaths and try to listen to him without being impulsive or judgemental.

-Your initial attempts may not be that successful. Do not be that disheartened.

-Furthermore, learn to create even a 1-3 seconds gap, before blurting out. Because of it, you will be able to notice a broader perspective unseen earlier.

While that does not justify his mad behavior, but remember you can never change the world. All you can do is work on your weaknesses and transform yourself. Rather you should be grateful to them for letting you know of your faults, even at the cost of their own peace of mind. [If you know what I mean :P]

Adding a pinch of humor to such grave madness of others at you, (of course not letting him know about your thoughts) will help you to deal in a calmer and better way.

To conclude, anger if not treated in time, can result in a permanent form of insanity. You need a little overhaul of your nature and with honest efforts, you can definitely achieve that.

Note: You always have the option of going for professional consultation in case you think that suits you better.

Take care 🙂

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