6 Ways To Improve Your Focus

Sometimes, it becomes pretty tough to focus the mind on something you would want to. Furthermore, the harder you try to control it, the more distracted it feels like. It seems like, as if it is all over the place, except where you want it to be now. But with little self-efforts and certain techniques, you can definitely achieve more focus and concentration.

6 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Concentration

6 Ways To Achieve A More Focused Mind

Let us explore the tips and tricks:

#Avoid Multi-tasking

Many assume multi-tasking as an achievement. They think they will be able to manage two or three things at a time. Don’t do it. Avoid it as much as possible. Take up one thing at a time. If you are watching TV, enjoy it completely. For instance, don’t go for reading a book and watching your favorite show at a time. It will scatter your mental energies. It leads you to a misconception that you can manage both simultaneously. And you carry that habit into your workplace or while studying. Multi-tasking simply creates distractions and dilutes your power to focus.

#Try Jotting Down The Points

When you feel you are unable to focus your mind on an ongoing lecture or a meeting, try jotting down the points by the presenter. That way your mind becomes highly active and you are able to focus more. Chances are less that your mind will move to other thoughts. Because other than your mind, your eyes, ears as well as your hands are engaged actively.



This technique can be extremely helpful for the students. While you are reading something, recall the points mentally from the chapter you just finished. It helps your mind to engage more with the content you just read. When you verbally recollect or recall the gist of the lesson just studied, it makes your brain more alert and aware. And then when you continue reading the next content, your concentration ability increases.

#Calculate Your Best Hours

This technique is also very useful for students. By this technique, I mean, you need to introspect a little on your daily routine. You need to watch out when your mental energies are organized and the highest. Try finding out the time of the day when your concentration is at the peak and set your routine accordingly. It is not mandatory that it will be the morning hours. It can be the period after lunch or the evening hours. While the late night hours might also be the best for many others. Find it out and arrange your study sessions accordingly, with little breaks in between.


Meditation helps you to reflect deeper. It makes you calmer and more focused. One may begin with at least ten minutes of meditation. With time you will learn to deal with your thoughts well. That way your distractions will lessen and your focus will improve.

#You Need To Know Why

You may be a little surprised to read this tip. But, trust me, if you don’t have a good enough reason, a strong enough motive or inspiration to do what you are doing currently, none of the above 5 steps would work. Have clear goals in your mind. Challenge yourself with small targets and be inspired from within.

To conclude, with the above techniques you will definitely achieve improved focus and concentration. We all need motivation to a certain extent. But remember, that internal inspiration will push you to put in those extra hours and those extra efforts. 

Good Luck 🙂

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