What Are The 3 Secrets To A Genuine Relationship

Are you looking for that genuine love and relationship that will make you complete? Are you aware of the secrets by which you can get that relationship? Hmm, life and it’s little secrets. Let us find out:

3 Secrets To Get That Genuine Love:

secrets to genuine love and relationship

1.  Learn To Pamper Yourself

Yes, you heard it right. Seems like, this is one of the most neglected aspects and it is a barrier to a complete relationship. In the midst of all insanity we go through in this fast-paced life, we often tend to neglect this fact. Unless you accept yourself the way you are, you can never adore yourself. You need to love yourself unconditionally.  Only then you can love someone else. Most of all, you can only share something with someone when you have that. 

If you cannot accept yourself completely, you will be looking for ways to fill up that gap through someone else. You will be secretly wishing someone else should accept you as you are. Whereas the reality is you are not ready to accept yourself that way. Hence chances are, you will be unknowingly attracting an unfulfilled individual.

Don’t run away from this fact. Introspect what is keeping you from loving yourself. Accept yourself completely. Only then you will be able to accept someone else completely. Consequently, you will be able to attract a like-minded positive individual.

2.  Seek Love For The Sake Of Love (Not Fear)

Most of us seek a relationship out of different hidden fears within us. Yes, I know sounds a little weird. But deep down, you know this is true. We fear loneliness, we seek to be loved always, want to show off our relationship status, we hate being called “single” yet and what not.

These are some of the reasons we get desperate for a relationship. If you have noticed, most of the reasons are based on by-passing our fears. They are not based on giving or sharing true love. If you are seeking love because of such fears, there is a possibility you are not going the right way.

Drop your fears, and embrace your relationship with pure love and honesty. Once you drop your fearful intentions, you will be able to love your partner more. You will be able to create a stronger connection with him.

3.  Don’t Fake It

Out of several insecurities within us, we often tend to fit into the definition of others; of a so-called “perfect persona”. We do all that to please the other person. That way we often end up compromising our true being and turn into a  fake personality. The dilemma is that after a certain period of time, you will end up feeling suffocated. Anything that is fake, cannot go on forever. Every one of us is a mixture of some good things and not so good things. Hence, if someone cannot accept you the way you are, you are definitely with the wrong person.

You need to understand this. When you are true to yourself, you are true to others too.

To conclude, be true to yourself and to others too. That way, you will end up attracting a genuine person into your life. You will cherish the relationship more.



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