6 simple ways to lead a tension free life

A tension-free life is one of the basic needs for survival. Until you are leading a stress-free life you will never be able to live a healthy and a happy life. Tension and stress have a good effect on us to a reasonable extent. They challenge us to give our best shot and grow. But too much of stress can be harmful to you.

If you are one among those who are seeking a way out, probably these tips may come in handy.

Simple ways to lead a tension free life spiritual

6 Ways to lead a tension-free life

1. Live in the moment

Learn to focus as much as possible on the present moment. Take up one job at a time. When you are cooking, just focus on your preparation. While reading, don’t go daydreaming. Seems like initial distractions will be there. Consequently, with practice, your distractions will lessen. Your mind will wander initially. Focus on little deep breaths and bring it back to present. It works well for me.

2. Keep going

Focus on the little things you like. It can be a taking a walk or doing yoga. Make sure you do it every day… Choose a time of the day. Make it a habit. Begin with including one such habit. Rotate it with other such healthy habits. You may go for a run or may simply work out at home. That way it won’t be monotonous for you.

3. Stop Overthinking

It throws the mind into a chain of unending thoughts. We keep on imagining stuff about our future. Therefore it results in sort of mental diarrhoea. There again to stop overthinking, living and focusing on the present comes in handy. Most noteworthy of it is you need to have a sense of realistic optimism.

4. Be Love

Be that personality much as you crave to meet in the outer world. Consequently, you won’t need to run after people, rather the world will come to you. Be yourself, love yourself. Don’t bother much about what others say. Everyone craves for love. Furthermore, give them love as much as you can without expecting. Don’t seek anything. Rather give what you have.

5. Failures are part of life

Failures are as much part of life as success is. Acceptance of your failures is the first step of your growth. You need to introspect why it went wrong. Therefore you end up learning from your mistakes. Consequently, you end up avoiding them and not repeating them at least.

6. Practice Contentment

Try to find happiness in the little things you have. Trust me that is a dream to many. Be happy and especially relevant be content.

What is the role of spirituality in leading a tension-free life?

Even after you practice all these stuff, there will be a point in your life, where you may feel a certain emptiness within. You may feel a certain restlessness. At least this is what happened to me.

There will be a certain desire to go beyond your current little dimensions. This is true for most people. This can be a conscious deliberation or you may continue life as it is. It is purely subjective.

Well, spirituality is the way out in your conscious movements. At the end of the day, you will never be fully content, if you are not seeking the ultimate truth of life.

To conclude, I can be certain that some of the tips will be useful for you. It may take some time. Don’t push for too much in the beginning. Take up one idea at a time. Customize the solutions as per your convenience. Work out your own ideas and keep going.

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