How to stay spiritually connected in daily life

This has bothered me since the onset of my spiritual journey. How to continue my spiritual practices at home effortlessly? Can we be spiritually connected all the while? How can I create a complementary ambiance to grow spiritually amidst my daily monotonous affairs?

Sharing with you some of the ways that may help you to stay spiritual amidst daily routine life.

5 Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected in Daily Life


This is one of the age-old methods of training the mind. Without disciplining the mind, the mental energies cannot be regulated. Meditation is one of the core basics of spiritual life. To achieve a certain extent of equipoise of the mind is a must to grow spiritually. Until you achieve a little sense of equality, you cannot progress. Meditation brings awareness and makes you mindful. By disciplining and manipulating your otherwise scattered energy thus, you begin to look inward slowly.  Your capacity for higher inward penetration begins to connect to the divine within.

For a beginner, it can be a 15-20 minute session, to begin with. You can gradually increase the duration.

Sharing a video below regarding a few points to keep in mind before you start meditating.

Copyright of the video @sriramaramanaam, used for educational purposes. 

See Beyond Emotions

To see beyond emotions does not literally mean being emotionless or to feel any lesser for others or for oneself. It is simply manipulating the mind to go beyond the routine trifles and troubles.

[pullquote]Raise yourself by yourself; don’t let yourself down, for you alone are your own friend, you alone are your own enemy- Bhagavad Gita 6.5[/pullquote]

Be least bothered with worldly provocations. It is looking beyond the small things and thus achieving emotional mastery.

Converge your emotions, and connect them with your spiritual aspirations, and see the difference. Nurture and direct them well and thus befriend them.

Faith and Prayer

You cannot imagine a prayer without faith. Prayer is when you talk to God, you beg, you cry, you ask of Him anything with a burning faith.

Prayer creates a dependence on Him and gradually you connect with the divine spontaneously anywhere you want to.

When you start asking for the happiness of the world, of the people around you, with time you will feel a true elevation within. You will turn more unselfish and thus grow spiritually.

“Four kinds of virtuous human beings worship Me, O Arjuna-the distressed, the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of wealth, and the spiritually wise, O bull (greatest) among the Bharatas” Bhagavad Gita 7.16

Stop Identifying

Identification with the good or bad you see or feel in your daily life can be a hindrance to your spiritual progress. The rebuke at work or at home deflates you as much as the praise showered on you inflates you. You easily and strongly start identifying with whatever course of provocations come your way.

You start collecting resentments and ruminating over them. Be sure, you will face worldly difficulties, that’s the business of most to poke their nose into other’s life. Many feel a certain delight to criticise others, even if unasked for. Now it is completely up to you how you take it, how you react to it.

The best thing is to stop giving too much of importance to oneself. Try detaching from your perceptions and ideas about yourself. Try being as ignorant as possible (sorry, but that’s what we are compared to this vast creation). Once you align with this truth, you will feel a strong connection with the divine.

Gita Bhagavad spiritual spirituality spiritually krishna

Share your thoughts

Here sharing does not mean uploading and updating every damn single thing on social media or with your friends or family.

But if you find it ok and inspiring, you may share your spiritual thoughts. You may share your perceptions, doubts with a spiritual friend. It can also be someone adorable and trustworthy who has been practicing spirituality for a while.

To conclude, reading spiritual books, listening to spiritual discourses are also a part of such exercises, by means of which you grow spiritually. Try to imbibe what you learned into your daily lives and your true spiritual expansion begins.

Stay blessed 🙂

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