What is the biggest obstacle in spiritual path?

Is it really achievable? Like do we get there eventually? Will I be enlightened ever? Yes, these are probably the commonest queries we all encounter in the spiritual path.

Well, there are several obstacles which you may encounter in this spiritual quest. To begin with, it can be your set of unending worldly cravings, desires, ego, attachments, set of unending selfish goals; among many others.

What are the tools that may aid you in the spiritual journey?

Now there are several tools that aid you in the long spiritual journey. One among them according to Buddha is the practice of mindfulness and contemplations.

mindfulness spiritual spirituality

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Knowing and Seeing” as it is; can be one of the basic preconditions that you need to cultivate consciously at every step of your journey, you need to practice at every moment. Practical and realistic perception of each and every event, accompanied by logical thoughts can be a catalyst in this quest.

An excerpt from Dr. Saher’s book, The Conquest of Suffering in this regard says:

This art of logical thought rooted in perception is practiced to a degree by the Buddha and he describes it as the ‘Road to Absolute’. He defines it as, “…. concentration combined with energetic logical thought and reflection…. 

All these attributes are no doubt necessary and helpful for the spiritual quest and may aid you to reach the absolute eventually. But to me, the zeal to keep going day in and day out in the quest for truth, without observing any such massive results and reflections is one of the biggest blocks to enlightenment.

Can you keep going for year after year with your practices without expecting massive outcomes from them? 

What is Priti in spirituality?

The monotonous routine of your daily life and the trifling unending events and accidents you encounter takes up the bulk of your existence. This is the biggest test that you encounter on a daily basis, how you take up your daily ceaseless trifles.

Seems like how you maintain equipoise to all ordinary worldly idiotic provocations can be a daunting task of which only a few are capable and also shows the depth of your spiritual progress. To earn and maintain that unending enthusiasm to move ahead in the spiritual quest in spite of such idiotic worldly hurdles has been referred to as “Priti” in Zenyoga. 

Sharing an excerpt from Dr. P.J. Saher’s Zenoga that will put some light into it:

Most spiritual aspirants have fallen ‘back to usual’ because of a failure to sustain enthusiasms for the ‘QUEST than due to any other single cause. The indispensable quality of enthusiasm is known in Zenoga as Priti= that elements of genuine joy with which we do a thing. 

Another striking commitment to oneself needed on this path is transcending the three gunas that we all inherit and identify knowingly; unknowingly with them. We all are an aggregation, permutation, combination of these three basic traits. The point is you need to identify and work on the extent you are influenced by them and gradually transcend them, even if is highly Sattvik. Cultivation of Sattva guna should be a means to reach the Absolute not the end in itself.

Quoting Sri Ramakrishna from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna;

“….The three gunas are sattva, rajas, and tamas. Of these sattva alone points the way to God. But even that cannot take a man to God… Sattva produces virtue like compassion, righteousness, and devotion. Again, sattva is like the last step of the stairs. Next to it is the roof. The Supreme Brahman is man’s own abode. One cannot attain the knowledge of Brahman unless one transcends the three gunas.”

bhagavad gita spirirtual arjuna three gunas

Last but not the least, we ourselves are the greatest impediments to our liberation. Leaving you with a beautiful verse below that speaks of it in a poetic way; from the poem by “Song of the Sannyasin” by Swami Vivekananda;

Swami Vivekananda Spiritual National Youth Day Festival Peom 2018


Thank you for reading. Good luck on your spiritual quest 🙂


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