7 Inspirational Messages of the Bhagavad Gita on New Year 2021

Amidst the battlefield in the epic war of the Mahabharata, Lord Sri Krishna delivered the ultimate practical wisdom to his friend and disciple, Arjuna in the form of Bhagavad Gita. The teachings of the Gita are divided into eighteen chapters which contain 700 verses.

The Gita philosophy is not just meant for attaining the highest spiritual wisdom but also caters to other relevant aspects of routine life, be it building a better society, productive efficiency in your workplace and so on. On the eve of the festivity around as Christmas and the New Year dawns in, let us take a look at some of the eternal teachings and welcome the year ahead with more vigour.

1. When we are deluded or clouded with weakness, overwhelmed with grief and dejection in life, this sloka comes as a breather to us. We are reminded that we need to stand up and face the problems and should not think of an easy escape.  The mind generally tends to resort to an easy escape route when we are plagued by problems.

Don’t do it, Krishna asserts in the Gita, as it does not befit us. Those powerful words by the Lord serve as a constructive appeal to us, as a much needed mental tonic and remind us of our true nature.

2. We tend to lose the way overwhelmed by our unending trifles and battles within and in the outer world. Surrendering to the Lord with utter helplessness, we just need to seek his counsel as Arjuna did.

3. Very often in life, many circumstances are within our control to a certain extent, but adding all sorts of imaginative theories and futuristic calculations to it, we sink into unnecessary sorrows and tribulations.

The Lord asks us to let go of the unhealthy imaginary calculations and take up the responsibility of dealing with it with a positive frame of mind. Raise yourself, Lord asserts, manipulate your mind and make it work for you, befriend it. It can be your best friend.

4. This teaching by Sri Krishna is one of the bases of the philosophy of life and work and human development. Cultivating an even mind is an art and asset to have. Great things can only be achieved with a calm, steady mind, even if is all about worldly achievements.

The Lord counsels us to enter the battlefield of life that way and thus be free of any sin.

5. Let go of the smaller self, the little ego gradually, Sri Krishna teaches. We all can begin by practising a little of detachment in at least a few spheres of life and work. We can then slowly elevate that and apply to other spheres of life and continue our actions established in buddhi-yoga.

Let us not be inflated too much by success nor deflated by failures, let us practice training the mind and making it even. 

6. Lord asserts us to be ever a mix of gentleness and robustness. Be such a person who is ever peaceful and loving, least agitated by the external circumstances; who is ever fearless, and nor does anyone need to fear him.

7. Last but not the least when you can zealously surrender everything unto the Lord, with one-pointed love and devotion, be rest assured the Lord takes care of all our possessions and needs. Do everything, making Him the centre of your life. Surrender all your responsibilities to Him with burning faith, He assures, He will take care of everything.

Let us conclude this year on a positive note and gear up with all hope and love and welcome the new year ahead. Be absolutely sure; you are greater than your circumstances, you can go beyond them, these petty things; in whatever situation you are in today, cannot bind you forever. 

Let me know in the comments section which teachings of the Bhagavad Gita inspire you the most?

Wish all of you a Happy Spiritual 2021!!!

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